Hunting iceland


Professional hunter Spotlight
Safari Magazine Marc-April 2021

Reindeer hunting in Iceland
Written by Doug Yajko Safari Club Magazine Jan-Feb 2015

Hunting Reports
Doug Yajko-Reindeer Phil Scott-Musk ox
The Hunting Report January 2015

Lagopédes des neiges
Written by Eric Joly
Voyages De Chasse March 2011

Alice in Greenland
Written by Craig Boddington
CZ-USA January 2011

Musk ox and Reindeer in Greenland 
Written by Craig Boddington
Safari Times December 2010

Seabirds in Iceland
Written by James Gourney
Feathers & Fur Fall 2010

Rentierjagd auf Island und Grönland
Written by Brunhilde Moldehn
Jäger October 2010

Viking Caribou
Written by Craig Boddington
Petersen’s Hunting May/June 2010

Notes from Afield
Written by Craig Boddington
Sports Afield December 2009

In the Land of Fire and Ice – Geese
Written by Dr. Lloyd Newberry
The Double Gun Journal Winter 2007

In the Land of Fire and Ice – Reindeer
Written by Dr. Lloyd Newberry
Under wild skies Fall 2006

Islanda – La terra delle renne
Written by Srdja Dimitrijevic
Senttieni di Caccia Desember 2001