Hunting iceland

About us

The Icelandic Hunting Club was founded in 1994. It has been owned and operated by Björn Birgisson from the beginning. We were the first company dedicated to offering organized hunting adventures in Iceland. Since then we have added Greenland as a hunting destination. We hope to introduce more destinations in the years to come, but we are very selective.

We have been hunting all possible game in Iceland for over 50 years. In Greenland we have been hunting over 20 years. We have also an extensive hunting experience in many other countries in most parts of the world.

In Iceland, we offer Reindeer hunting and 3 types of wing shooting; Geese, Puffins/Seabirds and Ptarmigan. We operate in various areas of the country, depending on the season and the game. East Iceland is the primary place for Ptarmigan and the only place for Reindeer.

In Greenland, we only operate in the West, offering Musk ox and Reindeer hunting.

We offer the best guides available. They are seasoned and safe professionals who focus on “safety first” and cater to the ability of each individual hunter. They work with experienced hunters all the way to the novice hunter. Our guides pride themselves on their ability to get our hunters within range of the animal desired.

Our hunting clients have been very successful over the years and until now they have enjoyed a 100% success.

Our principle is to provide only first class service. We pay close attention to all details regarding each hunter´s needs and wishes and do all the bookings necessary in Iceland and Greenland to insure an enjoyable and safe trip. We can also offer combination hunts, as well as sport fishing and sight seeing tours combined together in the same trip, all according to the client´s wishes.