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Professional hunter spotlight
Safari Club Magazine Mars-April 2021
Reindeer hunting in Iceland
Written by Doug Yajko
Safari Club Magazine Jan-Feb 2015
Hunting Reports
Doug Yajko-Reindeer Phil Scott-Musk ox
The Hunting Report January 2015
Lagopédes des neiges
Written by Eric Joly
Voyages De Chasse March 2011
Alice in Greenland
Alice in Greenland
Written by Craig Boddington
CZ-USA January 2011
Musk ox and Reindeer in Greenland
Written by Craig Boddington
Safari Times December 2010
La conquista de la Islandia salvaje
Written by Joseph Vorro
Caza Mayor October 2010
Seabirds in Iceland
Written by James Gourney
Feathers & Fur Fall 2010
Rentierjagd auf Island und Grönland
Written by Brunhilde Moldehn
Jäger October 2010
Viking Caribou
Written by Craig Boddington
Petersen's Hunting May/June 2010
Notes from Afield
Written by Craig Boddington
Sports Afield December 2009
In the Land of Fire and Ice - Geese
Written by Dr. Lloyd Newberry
The Double Gun Journal Winter 2007
In the Quest of PinkFoot Geese
Written by Jim Niemiec
Western Outdoor News November 2007
In the Land of Fire and Ice - Reindeer
Written by Dr. Lloyd Newberry
Under wild skies Fall 2006
Islanda - La terra delle renne
Written by Srdja Dimitrijevic
Senttieni di Caccia Desember 2001




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